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Bienvenidos a Fogafín

Members institutions

Member institutions

All banks currently operating are registered with Fogafín, and therefore, the savings products offered by these institutions are automatically covered by the Deposit Insurance.

Today, the Deposit Insurance System administered by Fogafín has 48 financial member institutions, of which 25 are retail banks, 5 are investment banks, 15 are consumer finance companies, 1 is a special official institution; and 2 are electronic deposit companies.


Corporaciones Financieras

Compañías de Financiamiento

Sociedades Especializadas en Depósitos Electrónicos

Alacaja S.A.
Aval Soluciones Digitales S.A.
Global Colombia 81 S.A.
Movii S.A.
Pagos GDE S.A.
Tecnipagos S.A.